Bob Dudley of is based out of Port Saint Lucie, FL.

As most of us in the business, photography started as a hobby for him. “I would consider myself pretty much a self taught photographer. I started early in life but took a break for a few years while going to college, then picking it up again when digital began gaining momentum.” His beautiful wife Yvonne had a lot to do with his resurgence. She’s a professional Middle Eastern Dance Artist and he loved capturing her performances. It wasn’t long before other dancers and friends were asking him to photograph their events or help them start a dance portfolio. Immersed in a community of artists and dancers, it was a natural progression for Bob to ease his way into dance photography.

Since Bob specializes in “on location” photography, his work takes him to many wonderful and exotic locations some of which are Latin and South America, U.S. Virgin Islands, several countries in Europe and the Middle East.

Bob does all his own post production. By not “shipping off” the image to another person who was not involved in the creation process he can make sure the final product maintains the style and feel of the client’s original intention. “I like to get it right in camera and not rely on Photoshop to “fix” the image. I often hear this dreaded phrase from many photographers “don’t worry about that…I’ll photoshop it”; this is the wrong attitude. Every time I hear it reminds me of the quote from renowned photographer, Vincent Versace, said during a Nikon seminar in 2006….”photoshop is NOT a verb!” these are words I try to live by. After you’ve created a quality image, post production should be relatively minimal anyways, says Bob.

Other invaluable assets? According to Bob, photographers need great makeup and hair stylists. “These two people WILL help you push your photography to the next level” Bob explains. His wife Yvonne is his partner in the business and is also a valuable asset given her extensive makeup creativity and artistic background.